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Kybella is a prescription medication that is injected in the chin area targeting and eliminating the submental fat that causes the ‘double chin’ effect.

It is a formulated with synthetic deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is produced in our bodies and it functions to assist our bodies in breaking down and absorbing fat. It is injected into the fat underneath the chin and destroys the fatty cells, once destroyed they can’t be regenerated.

The eventual emergence of the dreaded ‘double chin’ can happen to both men and women and it is not necessarily tied to weight gain, the aging process and genetics are also factors. This causes many of us to feel very self-conscious about ourselves. Kybella® treatments are proven to be very effective in obliterating the fat in the chin area and it’s a non-surgical procedure.


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How do Kybella® Treatments work?

Kybella® is delivered via an injection directly into the fatty tissue beneath your chin. The cells are destroyed and can longer store or accumulate fat. This treatment produces permanent results and once you have achieved your desired results further treatments are often not required.

What does a Kybella® Treatment Involve?

When you arrive for your treatment, your nurse may numb your skin to reduce discomfort during the treatment. You may receive a numbing injection, a numbing cream or a cold spray on your skin.

Next, a nurse will use a tiny needle to inject small amounts of Kybella® in multiple areas directly into the fat beneath the chin. The number of injection will depend upon the amount of fat and your personal goals.

How should I prepare for my Kybella® treatment? What should I wear?

Your nurse may also ask you to refrain from taking blood thinners before your treatment.

You may wear your normal clothing to your treatment.

How long is a Kybella® treatment?

A treatment typically takes 15 – 20 minutes.

Will I feel pain during my Kybella® session?

Some people experience mild discomfort during the treatment session. However, you may request that your skin be numbed to reduce discomfort.

Is there downtime after a Kybella® treatment?

Many people return to work and resume regular activities immediately following the treatment.

What will I look like after treatment?

After treatment, you may experience redness, mild pain and slight swelling. These initial side effects should resolve very quickly.

How soon will I see results from the treatment and how long will the results last?

The results of the treatment will vary from person to person; however, there is typically a noticeable difference within 2 – 4 treatments.

The results of Kybella® treatments are permanent. However, the number of treatments that will be required to achieve the desired effects will vary from person to person.

One month must pass between scheduled treatments. Up to 6 treatments may be performed and many notice the changes between treatments 2 and 4.

Will I need to repeat the treatment?

Yes, the numbers of additional treatment sessions are dependent upon the amount of fat beneath your chin and the effect that you want to achieve.

The number of treatments that will be required to achieve the desired effects will vary from person to person. One month must pass between scheduled treatments. Up to a total of 6 treatments may be requested had each spaced 1 month apart.

Are there side effects to Kybella® treatments?

The most commonly noted side effects of Kybella® are:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Pain and hardness at injection site

These side effects are temporary and typically subside on their own. Kybella® can cause more serious side effects:

  • Nerve injury in the jaw
  • Difficulty swallowing

These too typically resolve on their own but you must inform your healthcare provider if you experience these side effects so that they can monitor and provide additional medical treatment if necessary.

Who should not receive Kybella® treatment?

While Kybella® treatments are safe, they may not be right for everybody. These include those who are:

  • Pregnant
  • Breastfeeding
  • Plan to become pregnant, plan to breastfeed
  • Have an active infection in the treatment area

You must advise your provider if you have known allergies and conditions.

Kybella® may also not be the ideal treatment for you if:

  • You have had facial/chin/neck surgery
  • You plan to have facial/chin/neck surgery
  • Have or have had trouble swallowing
  • Have bleeding problems


The primary benefit of Kybella® treatments is that they are a permanent solution for the pesky and unappealing ‘double chin’ that many of us develop over time.

  • Eliminate the appearance of a double chin
  • Permanent destruction of fat cells
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