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Des Moines SculpSure

No matter how much you diet and exercise, there are some pesky fat cells that just won’t go away. SculpSure body contouring was created to minimize stubborn fat with a revolutionary FDA-cleared laser device. It is a non-invasive lipolysis that efficiently treats areas such as the flanks, back, inner thighs, outer thighs, abdomen, and submental area. During this process, fat cells shrink and are then expelled through the lymphatic system as waste.

With over 100,000 treatments performed, come see why clients choose Skin Body Soul Spa.

Eliminate Fat Cells

What exactly is SculpSure?

SculpSure is a non-invasive body contouring technique that targets, reduces, and permanently eliminates fat cells. It works on all body types, and results are not gender-specific. On average, a single treatment can take up to 25 minutes per session. Lately, SculpSure has become incredibly popular to help in eliminating unwanted fat cells. Most Des Moines SculpSure patients prefer this because of the convenience, minimal aftercare, minimal discomfort, and little recovery time. SculpSure is a rising star in the MedSpa world due to its proven results and non invasive nature.

The Rundown On Your Treatment

What does a Cynosure SculpSure treatment involve?

The day of your Cynosure SculpSure appointment wear loose clothing that allows access to the area to be treated. Your Des Moines SculpSure Clinician will mark out the area to be treated and you will be fitted with a customized applicator frame. Each applicator is then fitted into the plastic frame to hold it in place for the duration of the treatment. If at any time during the treatment you need assistance or experience discomfort, you will have the ability to buzz for your clinician to return.

back of SCULPSURE des moines model

What results can I expect with Cynosure SculpSure treatment?

As the Cynosure SculpSure disrupts the fatty cells they are then absorbed by your body and are eliminated naturally. Following Sculpsure Des Moines patients report noticing results in as little as 6 weeks, optimal results are typically achieved at 12 weeks. Results vary as other factors come may come into play. Some patients need a single treatment in an area to notice results while others may require a second session.

Naturally Eliminate Fat

What does a SculpSure Treatment feel like?

When the SculpSure treatment starts you will initially feel a cooling sensation that serves to keep you comfortable as well as to protect your skin throughout the session. After a few minutes you will begin to feel intervals of deep warmth followed by the cooling sensation. The heat generated by the laser is disrupting and destroying the targeted fat cells which are then naturally eliminated from your body.

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Recovery & Results

How long do SculpSure results last, and what can I do to enhance my results?

As the fat cell are destroyed and eliminated they cannot regenerate. However, your results must be maintained though sensible nutrition and exercise. Maintain a sensible diet and exercise routine to enjoy lasting benefits of the treatment.


How should I prepare for my SculpSure treatment, and how long will it take?

You should wear loose fitting clothing so that your clinician can access the areas being targeted. Each SculpSure session is 25 minutes in duration and you are able to resume your normal activities immediately.


Is there downtime after Cynosure SculpSure treatment?

There is no downtime after a SculpSure session. Patients have been known to come in for a treatment on the lunch hour and return to work following the treatment. Just like our laser hair removal treatment, SculpSure treatment is minimally invasive and virtually pain free.


Will I feel pain during Cynosure SculpSure treatment?

One of the best things about the Cynosure SculpSure treatments is that they are virtually pain free. Some SculpSure Des Moines patients report a tingling sensation intermittently while in treatment. No anesthesia is administered. Some patients have reported mild discomfort after a session that typically resolves within a couple of hours. The SculpSure treatments are much more tolerable than alternative lipolysis treatment options and are also conducted in half of the time. No organs have ever been damaged because of the sculpture treatment.


What Are The Benefits Of SculpSure?

  • Treat multiple areas simultaneously
  • Treat multiple body shapes and sizes
  • Treat areas of “pinchable” and “non-pinchable” fat
  • Works on all skin types
  • Clinically proven technology with over 90% patient satisfaction¹
  • Optimal results typically seen in 6 to 12 weeks Comfortable and well tolerated procedure²

Additional Reading

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  1. Annual American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery Conference; April 22-26; Kissimmee, FL.
  2. Average patient discomfort rating of 3.7 on a scale of 1-10; Bass L, Doherty S. Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Of The Abdomen With A 1060nm Diode Laser. Paper presented at: 2015 Annual American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery Conference; April 22-26; Kissimmee, FL.
SculpSure model from shoulders down

The Rundown On Your SculpSure Treatment

SculpSure is a hyperthermic laser lipolysis, meaning the treatment uses laser energy for fat reduction. The treated fat cells gradually melt away over the course of the treatment plan. During the SculpSure treatment, a device is wrapped around the treatment area like a belt. A 1060-nanometer diode laser is delivered through its applicators. The laser reaches a temperature between 107.6 and 116.6°F. Heat from the laser destroys the fat cells underneath the treated area while the other surrounding tissues are unharmed by the procedure. No harm is done to the skin as there is minimal absorption of the heat in the dermis. Nonsurgical fat reduction treatment alternates between heating and cooling effects to prevent administering too much heat. During multiple SculpSure sittings, your body’s lymphatic system naturally flushes out the destroyed fat cells. With every session, you will see a permanent reduction in fat cells. Clinical data has proven to be promising. The subcutaneous adipose tissue response to the non-invasive hyperthermic treatment was a fat reduction of about 18%. The average reduction of stubborn fat due to the revolutionary SculpSure technology is about 24%. Also, the disrupted fat cells do not regenerate. However, the non-invasive fat reduction treatment is not a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise. If you are interested in SculpSure treatments, please don’t hesitate to call Skin Body Soul Spa, an expert in the non-invasive laser technique.

Here are the benefits of the SculpSure device as per the clinical and histological evaluations:

  • Melts away the troublesome fat
  • Helps patients maintain a natural-looking appearance
  • Non-invasive
  • Minimal to no pain
  • SculpSure device can treat multiple areas, including inner and outer thighs
  • Helps in fat reduction by administering heat to the affected skin’s surface
  • Promotes tissue firmness and helps maintain definition

As beneficial as the results are, we encourage our clients to manage their expectations when it comes to the SculpSure device. While laser medicine reduces fat, it is not a tool to lose weight. SculpSure tends to be most effective for people with a BMI under 30. This treatment works best for a patient who already maintains a healthy lifestyle, but needs some extra help removing that last bit of stubborn body fat. Patient contouring can also help to target chins, necks, and jawlines. For the submental use, the patient’s body composition or BMI does not need to be under 30.

SculpSure is a non-invasive treatment, but still requires preparation before a sitting. Always be open with your SculpSure professional about your requirements and the areas you want to target, and they will accordingly advise you with the number of sessions required. Please be open to disclosing your medical history as it can alter the treatment process. We recommend booking a consultation with Skin Body Soul Spa to discuss the appropriate course of action. Accordingly, you may be advised to avoid sun exposure a week before the treatment and steer clear of painkillers to avoid bruising.

Your professional may ask you to sit down or lay down depending on the area being treated. Most patients first feel a cooling sensation, followed by a tingling sensation. As the body begins to undergo the process of body contouring, you can expect results within six weeks of the treatment, especially when followed by regular exercise and a healthy diet. With every sitting, the body naturally eliminates the reduced-fat cells.

Fortunately, there is no downtime required after SculpSure. Since only 25 minutes are required per session, it is easy to squeeze into your schedule, no matter how busy. The Skin Body Soul Spa team knows the value of clients’ time and is always a step ahead when it comes to scheduling and managing different appointments throughout the day. After a SculpSure session, it is normal to experience mild discomfort on the body parts where the device was used. The sensation is similar to the one you have after doing an intense workout. To get the best results, we recommend:

  • Taking a few minutes of rest after the treatment.
  • Massage the treated area, although this is not mandatory and does not much affect the healing process.
  • Light exercise the same day you get the treatment for faster breakdown of fatty tissues.
  • Drinking water regularly, especially while undergoing SculpSure treatment.

In the coming weeks, you are not required to do any special activity. For optimal results, multiple sittings are required, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key to seeing effective results, along with SculpSure.

Like any procedure, SculpSure is not without its probable side effects. Some patients tend to experience swelling, redness, tingling on the treated area for a few hours after the treatment, but the issue will go away quickly. Regularly massaging the area also helps.

Since SculpSure is a cosmetic procedure, usually it is not covered by insurance. Most likely, you will have to invest your own money to enjoy the benefit of SculpSure, or similar treatments.

Yes, it is perfectly normal to have some swelling after SculpSure. The amount of swelling depends on every client and how their body reacts to the procedure. However, some parts of the body that are more sensitive tends to swell up more. No swelling is permanent and tends to settle down quickly, especially after massaging the area.

No. Typically, clients do not experience pain, but they can experience mild discomfort. However, even that feeling tends to dissipate quickly, and you can carry on with your routine activities almost immediately.

Estimating the cost of each sitting is difficult. Cost is dependent on many variables such as the areas being treated, the number of applicators required, and the number of sittings it takes to see the results. Every client’s needs are different. However, as estimated by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the average cost of similar procedures, including SculpSure, can be between $1000-$4000.

Our experienced and skilled Skin Body Soul Spa is committed to dedicating as much time and resources as needed for our clients to see visible results. We have been successfully operating since 2013, and maintaining the highest quality when it comes to the services we provide. We have always excelled at a comfortable, hygienic, and specialized environment to meet the patients’ requirements. Apart from SculpSure, here are the following services offered by Skin Body Soul Spa:

If you want to inquire about any of the services or SculpSure, our helpful team would love to speak to you and answer any questions you may have about the procedure to put your mind at ease. Contact us now for amazing prices and professional treatments.

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SculpSure Des Moines

“Highly recommend! All of the services are amazing”

“Highly recommend! All of the services are amazing, and everyone is so friendly. I purchased the monthly membership plan and it has been SO worth the investment, and is SUCH a good price for all the services included.” - Beth K, West Des Moines, IA

“I love this place, this is my ME time!”

“I love this place, this is my ME time! I have had a number of facial and treatments from skin body soul, including microneedling, hydrafacial, sculpsure treatment, pca chemical peel. I have been a fan of all of it!” - Danielle S. Des Moines, IA

“My lashes have gotten thinner and more sparse.”

“My lashes have gotten thinner and more sparse. That’s why I asked my optometrist about LATISSE®, hoping that it would help my lashes grow.Now that my lashes are longer and darker, I’m doing more to draw attention to my eyes; I cut my hair shorter and I’m even wearing my contacts more just to show them off.” - CINDY

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“Being a blonde, I’ve always had light brown lashes with some blonde ones mixed in, which, as you can imagine, just disappeared on my face. They didn’t even show up in photographs! But since I have been using LATISSE®, my lashes are noticeably darker than my previous shade, which is fantastic! Without a doubt, I have become a believer in LATISSE®!” - JENNY

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“I have been seeing Cassie for over 2 years once a month! I had acne scars and a terrible complexion. I now can go out comfortably without feeling like I need to wear all the makeup! It’s incredible how much my skin has changed. I get compliments all the time! I wish I could see her every day.” - Meg G, West Des Moines, IA

SculpSure Des Moines SculpSure Des Moines SculpSure Des Moines SculpSure Des Moines SculpSure Des Moines
SculpSure Des Moines SculpSure Des Moines SculpSure Des Moines SculpSure Des Moines SculpSure Des Moines

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