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Aftercare Instructions: Botox Skin Body Soul

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If you’re going in for your first Botox treatment, you might be wondering what your aftercare routine might entail. You’re right to be curious! With any procedure or treatment, there are always best practices that you should be referring to. If you’re curious how to get the best results, it’s crucial to know how to take care of yourself after your procedure. The most important part in your aftercare is to be patient! Complete results take 14 days to develop, and your results will only be as good as your aftercare.

Botox Aftercare

Gently exercise your face

If you can’t wait three or four days for your Botox injections to kick in, you’ll be glad to know that a new study shows that facial exercises speed Botox’s wrinkle reducing effects. We’re not talking about anything crazy here, but frowning, smiling, and raising your eyebrows are the exercises you’re going to want to engage in. While accelerating your results seems desirable, a better practice would be to plan your injections ahead of time so you don’t stress your facial muscles. An unfortunate reality is that last minute Botox injections will keep you a few days out from your desired results. In other words, if you know the ceremony is on Friday, it’s in your best interest to book yourself earlier in the week just in case the facial exercises aren’t your thing.

Relax for the rest of the day

By the rest of the day, we really mean 24 hours. However, it’s best to talk to your doctor and see what they recommend, because some might say you’ll need longer than 24 hours. If you’re a cardio junkie, it’s best to take a short break. Increased blood flow from an elevated heart rate could potentially spread the injected toxin to unintended areas and reduce its effectiveness at the injection site.

Avoid the sun, tanning beds, hot tubs, and saunas for 48 hours

Most cosmetic procedures will require you to avoid sun exposure and extreme temperatures. Botox is no different. It’s best to stay in the shade, and avoid the heat for a couple of days. We just told you to relax, so bring the party indoors for the weekend, and you’ll be just fine.

Bruising is common, and will disappear on its own

If you find yourself bruising, apply a cold compress and arnica to treat your discomfort. It’s also in your best interest to ask your provider about the medications you take in case any of them increase bruising. It may worry you at first, but rest assured, this is more common than you’d think, and the bruising will correct itself on its own before you know it.

Avoid touching, rubbing, or physical pressure on the affected area

Just like increasing your heart rate, touching the affected area (or applying makeup) will also disperse the Botox through your body from the original injection site, causing the injected area to have less effective results. If you had a massage somewhere on the planner, it would be a good idea to push it back to a later date. There is no need to worry! This is only a 24 hour setback, and you’ll be able to go back to your usual skincare routine before you know it, but with less wrinkles!

Don’t drink alcohol

If there’s any reason why you should plan your Botox injections ahead of time, it’s this one. No wedding reception is complete without a glass of champagne, so it’s always best to plan ahead. Alcohol will not only reduce the effectiveness of your treatment, it also increases the risk of bruising at the injection site. It’s best not to tempt fate, and avoid alcohol for 24 hours (or longer), for your best results. Cosmetic procedures are in the business of making you look like your best self, and skipping this step might take you away from the glow you’re chasing after.

Easy enough, isn’t it?

Honestly, the easiest thing to do is nothing, right? That’s all we’re asking here. We’re not asking you to take any extra steps at all, but to step back and relax for a day or two! The end result is a picture perfect face and a smile that will last forever in photographs. Seems like a pretty sweet deal, doesn’t it? But most importantly, our top priority is safety. We know you want to get right back to your normal activities, and in a lot of ways you can. Following the above steps will not only yield you the best results, but will get you back to your mixers and functions in no time.


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