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Botox and Bubbles Party

Forehead Botox Party

3 Reasons to have a Skin Body Soul Botox Party

So you’ve been thinking about Botox. It’s one of the most common and easiest cosmetic procedures. It’s so easy you can literally have it done in the comfort of your easy chair.

So why not make it a party?

While you’re at it, you can invite all your friends over for a night full of laughter and Botox. Here are the three perfect reasons why you should host a Skin Body Soul Botox party:

Up to 100 Units of Free Botox for Yourself + 10% Retail Kickbacks

As a little thank you for being the host of such a fun gathering, we’ll give you Botox totally FREE right upfront. At $14 per unit retail, you earn $280 – $1400 worth of Botox just for being a sweet host. As the host, you could end up getting all your Botox for free or at a massive discount.

  • 5 guests = 20 Free units
  • 10 guests= 40 Free units
  • 20 guests = 100 Free units

BONUS: 10% of “other” purchases made by the guests will go back to the host as a service/retail credit at the end of the event.

Make sure you’re the one who hosts instead of one of your friends so you can take advantage of this special deal! You can also choose to hold the party at Skin Body Soul —it’s totally up to you.

$10.99 per unit for your guests

Normally when you have something delivered to you it costs more. But in our case, we’re actually making it cheaper for your friends when we come to you. You and your guests will get 20% off the retail price for each unit of Botox. That savings can make a big difference depending on how many units you decide are right for you.

A good excuse to have a girls’ night

Not that you need a good excuse for a girls’ night! But a Botox party is an interesting theme, and many of your friends may have never considered Botox before. This is a chance for them to get out of their comfort zone and try something new, all while surrounded by their friends and the expert care of our Botox experts.

Every one of your guests will have a chance to ask as many questions as they want, and no one is required to get Botox when they come. But if you and your friends have always wanted to try Botox or learn more about it, give Skin Body Soul a call at ​​515-422-3959 or get in touch with us online to set a date for your party!

We have four convenient locations and can travel up to 30 miles to host your party.

  • Skin Body Soul West Des Moines: 515-422-3959
  • Skin Body Soul Ankeny: 515-357-2844

What we supply

Skin Body Soul will bring a swag bag for each guest full of goodies, including skincare and other home maintenance products. Each goodie bag will also have a discount coupon for their first visit to Skin Body Soul – an invitation to sample any of our Classic treatments for $99. There will also be bubbles. We’ll supply a little bit of bubbly to get us all in the spirit.

Botox Parties

When is a Botox party safe?

Botox is now recognized as one of the most popular, safe, effective, and affordable ways for people to ‘age gracefully’.

It’s true that when not administered properly by a properly credentialed individual, there are extreme risks to hosting a Botox Party.

With a Skin Body Soul Botox Party, the procedure is performed by a professional, licensed cosmetic physician or clinician who medically administers the drug as an injector.

You will receive instructions on after-care and the recovery process after you’ve received the treatment. This information will help you know what to expect and how to treat your skin while it heals.

The environment is medically clean, sterile, and permitted to provide such treatment procedures. It is vital that the facility where the Botox is being administered is a safe environment, and that neatness and sterilization are regarded as the highest priority. Those running the clinic or cosmetic facility should be willing to take these health precautions seriously.


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