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5 Reasons to Switch to Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is in, shaving is out

Sometimes, passing on from the old guard seems like a hard thing to do, especially if it’s your razor guard! It’s easy to get set in your ways, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But sometimes a better way slips by, and you need to be reminded about what’s out there. Whether you’re plucking, shaving, waxing, or all of the above, a reminder that there’s an alternative that can totally transform your routine may be just what you need to keep those stubborn hair follicles at bay. With each passing year Laser Hair Removal (LHR) is becoming more and more popular, and it’s rightfully claiming its place. We can go on for days, but let’s start with the top 5 reasons that will make you toss your razor in the waste bin in favor of Laser Hair Removal.

5. If time is money, then you’ll be a millionaire

Laser hair removal is quick. Like, a few minutes quick. On top of that, prolonged treatment will stop the growth of new hair follicles. Think about how much time you spend shaving or waxing already. With all the time you’re getting back, you’ll be able to start a new hobby, or check out a new restaurant in your city. If you’re hitting the gym on a daily basis, then think about how much more time you’ll have to work on your cardio or strength training. Time is our most precious resource, and by switching to LHR, your planner will open wide up, and the day will be yours.

4. No more ingrown hairs

We’ve all had them, and we’re pretty sure nobody likes them. Of course we’re talking about ingrown hairs. Not only are they uncomfortable and unsightly, they can also become infected and leave scars. Did you know that Laser Hair Removal is a therapeutic solution against ingrown hairs? By switching to LHR, you’re just one step closer to smooth, healthy skin.

3. Save your cash for a rainy day

Not only does LHR save time, it also saves money. Laser hair removal is a permanent solution to unwanted hair growth. While there may sometimes be a higher upfront cost, think about how many waxing sessions you’ve spent your hard earned money on over the years. Laser Hair Removal is a long term investment in the sense that once you start treatment, you’ll be saving money hand over fist because you won’t need dozens of repeat visits. Finally, a solution that works long-term!

2. Virtually Painless

This one seems like a no-brainer. Have you ever nicked your leg shaving? What about that painful tear off that comes with a waxing session? Razor burn? Chafing? Ingrown hairs? Work? School? Online dating? So many things can be a pain, but how Laser Hair Removal isn’t one of those things. Sure, you’ll feel a little bit of pulsing heat in the process, but it’s nothing compared to the ways of the past. Laser Hair Removal is the alternative you’ve been looking for.

1. Confidence gained

Think about it. You’ve eliminated a source of pain from your life. Your calendar is opening up because of all the time you’re saving on a daily or weekly basis. Your bank account perhaps has an extra zero in there somewhere. And your legs, arms, and bikini area are now areas of low maintenance. You have a confident new look, and everything is falling into place, ever since you ditched your drug-store razor blades, and switched to Laser Hair Removal.


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