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5 Benefits of Sculpsure

Finding alternative ways to burn excess fat can be no easy feat. With all the misinformation that floats around about diets, shakes, and exercise tapes, the results they offer, and the results they actually yield, it can be frustrating not knowing what benefits there will actually be. At some point in time, this was also true for SculpSure. While the art of SculpSure is new in the grand scheme of things, it’s quickly been proven to be highly effective and beneficial for those who give it a chance. We can go on all day about the benefits, but let’s just get right into it instead. 

SculpSure is Non-Invasive

One of the main selling points of sculpsure is how minimally invasive the procedure is. The only real point of discomfort you might feel is having the diode laser device wrapped around the area being treated. If you’re sensitive to heat, you may feel a bit of tingling, but it goes away just as quickly as it comes. Aside from the hot/cold alternating, there is no other interference. There are no anesthetics, no needles, and the procedure is so quick and painless that you could take it on your lunch break. 

No down time 

The minimally invasive nature of SculpSure also allows you to get back to your normal life with no down time at all. If your nightly routine involves hitting the gym right after work, and you want to stop in for a quick Sculpsure session, you could simply pop in, and then get on with your day. The procedure won’t mess with your cardio or your reps in any way. 

25 minutes

We were just talking about “down time” as if there were any real “up time” to begin with. Sculpsure treatments max out at about 25 minutes. That’s barely even a full episode of The Office. We want you to take your shoes off and stay a while, but no sooner than you take them off, you’ll be on your way. 

Multiple treatments yield long-term results

One of the potentially discouraging things about SculpSure treatment is that you may not see all the desired effects after your first session. But the good thing is that you will see more progress with continued visits depending on the desired results. Wanna know the best part though? Even if you need 6 to 12 weeks of treatment, the results are considered permanent. 

FDA cleared to treat: belly, love handles, back, thighs, chin

Whether you’re trying to just tone your belly, love handles, back, thighs, chins, or all of the above, we can put together a program for you. When used alongside diet and exercise, SculpSure is a powerful way to help you get your body to the shape and form that you wish it to be. We just need to know what areas to target, and what time you want to come in for a SulpSure treatment. 

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