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Exciting News: New Partnership! Skin Body Soul

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Skin Body Soul has partnered with PryorHealth, a national consortium of Plastic Surgeons and Medical Spas which delivers the highest quality patient experience in the aesthetic industry. With this partnership, you’ll have a full continuum of care for all your surgical and non-surgical needs.


Premier Plastic Surgeons

About PryorHealth

PryorHealth is based on a centralized business model consisting of regional districts and surgical hubs that are complemented by non-surgical locations that provide consistent “best in class” service focused on patient safety, results, satisfaction, and privacy. It is also the premier destination for Plastic Surgeons, Nurse Practitioners, Aestheticians, and Cosmetic Professionals looking to achieve a balance of autonomy, growth opportunities, and dedicated support.

Pryor health

Expert Care


Dr. Landon Pryor, MD FACS is a triple fellowship-trained and board-certified plastic surgeon located in Rockford, IL. He has extensive expertise in face, body, and breast cosmetic surgery procedures, along with the latest non-surgical and minimally-invasive advancements. He is known for blending surgical precision with a keen artistic eye – which allows him to achieve the natural enhancements his patients desire. In addition to his technical skill, Dr. Pryor is uniquely devoted to his clients. He personally performs all of his initial consultations and tailors his surgical approach to each patient’s anatomy, preferences, and goals. Learn more about Dr. Pryor.

Pryor health Founder

Excellent Body, Skin and Wellness Services

Welcome to PryorHealth

What does it mean to be your best self? Does it mean that you look and feel your best, and have confidence in yourself? Maybe it’s feeling valued and respected. For some people being their best self means being well-rested and ready to conquer the day. At Pryor Health we strive to give you all of the above and to be the top platform of aesthetic providers that deliver the full continuum of body, skin, and wellness services. Your body and skin will reach new levels of glow, you’ll feel like you belong at our Medical Spas, and you’ll sleep easy with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your aesthetic needs are being handled with the steady hands that come with years of expertise in the beauty industry.

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All of our services start with an in-person consultation to discuss your aesthetic goals and help you decide what’s right for you. We talk through:

  • Your vision and concerns
  • Approximation of cost
  • Treatment plan and timelines

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