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Miranda Zuck

Miranda is an accredited Nurse Injector with experience within the Dermatology field as a previous Moh’s Surgical and Aesthetic Nurse. She has extensive experience personalizing patient-centered skincare consultations with a passion for each individual to feel confident within their own skin. Miranda is also trained in the use of a variety of lasers, chemical peel treatments, Hydrafacial and Microneedling.

Miranda specifically chose this career as she strives for every individual to love themselves from within, which begins with being well within their soul. Miranda knew within her heart and SOUL she had found a home with Skin Body Soul Spa when she read this, “ Come to Skin Body Soul because you are already FIERCE, stay because you want to be #Fierceforever.”

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She understands that life will create barriers, yet realizes we must learn to move forward and join the dance, so why not do so while looking and feeling our best. She also believes there is no better representation of beauty, than someone who is unafraid to be themselves, and does so fiercely and confidently. When Miranda is away from the spa, she can be found loving on her fur babies and spending time with her husband Justin, who has always motivated her to fulfill her passions in life, and makes her a better person each and every day.

They love traveling, spending time with their loved ones, and enjoying time at their own ReZort Oasis in the summer months. Her overall goal is for others to feel a fire within their soul that radiates a confidence of warmth and wellbeing for limitless beauty. #Befierce #Stayfierce #Fierceforever


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