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Fat Reduction


You always try to stay in good shape no matter what. In spite of the rough Minnesota winter and the fact that the gyms were closed due to COVID, you exercised every day and ate right all year.

Unfortunately, you may still have love handles, a little bit of extra belly fat, or a double chin that you can’t get rid of. If you have considered plastic surgery, you might have balked when you saw the amount of downtime you would have, the risks involved, and the price.

Laser technology and advances in modern medicine have created several non-invasive, outpatient procedures that can eliminate unwanted fat and change the shape of your body and your face.

Skin Body Soul Spa in Eagan, Minnesota offers fabulous, safe, and affordable alternatives to surgery. If you call the office, we can set up a consultation to determine which of the treatments and membership packages is perfect for you.


With over 100,000 treatments performed, come see why clients choose Skin Body Soul Spa.

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You may experience some redness and bruising after a treatment session. However, the side effects never last very long.


Kybella is a safe treatment with few side effects. However, it is a bad idea to take the treatment if you are pregnant or nursing. If you have already had fat reduction facial surgery, it will not be a good treatment for you. It is also not the best idea to take Kybella if you are on blood thinners.

If you fall into any of these categories, you may want to have a laser treatment to remove excess chin fat. We have a laser treatment that not only eliminates a double chin but the fat around your belly as well.


CynoSure SculpSure is a gentle, non-invasive treatment that removes fat with the use of lasers. There is no downtime at all, and many people will see dramatic results after only a couple of sessions. Unlike other fat removal laser treatments, it has been approved by the FDA.


The treatment works by using heat from laser lights to increase the temperature of fat cells. Once fat cells get hot enough, they will be disrupted and eventually damaged. Your body will eliminate the damaged cells. These fat cells will never come back. This is significant because it can help with the contouring of your body.

SculpSure is excellent for treating the areas around a person’s belly and flanks. If you have been dieting and you end up gaining some of the weight back, your body will be more symmetrical after a SculpSure.


Each Cynosure session takes about 25 to 30 minutes. The clinician that assists you will mark off the areas of fat that are to be treated. They will then make a custom applicator frame. Laser applicators will be attached to the frame, and heat from the lasers will be used to destroy your fat cells. They will apply a numbing cream before your session actually begins.

You will not have any downtime after this procedure. You may experience cramps, and it is not a bad idea to massage the area for 15 minutes daily.


If you are interested in reducing your double chin and you do not want to get injections,

Submental Cynosure may be the best option for you.

You will wear an applicator frame that resembles a helmet with laser applicators attached to the bottom near the chin area. You will feel several blasts of heat to the chin area followed by a blast of cool. You can go right back to the office and keep working after this procedure.

In some cases, it can be hard to determine how much a fat reduction procedure will cost. However, with SculpSure the procedure is normally fairly cut-and-dried, and the cost should be in the neighborhood of $599.

If you eat right and exercise, you will get the very best results from the procedures that we offer.

You deserve to look your very best. Give us a call today.


Do you have a double chin that you just can’t get rid of? Kybella is a simple prescription medication that is injected into the extra skin fat. It is made of synthetic deoxycholic acid, which is a bile acid that mimics a metabolic byproduct of intestinal bacteria. It helps to absorb fat in a person’s intestines.

When you come in for your Kybella shot, a nurse will numb the treatment area. They may do this using an injection or cream. You will receive several tiny injections around the area of the double chin.

A treatment session takes around 20 minutes. You will need to have several treatment sessions for Kybella to work properly.

The number of injections you may need will depend upon the shape of your chin, the amount of fat you have, and the aesthetic that you seek.

How Does a Membership Work?

How Does a Membership Work?

Our memberships are designed to give you a consistent and personalized regimen to attain your anti-aging and skin care goals.  

When you sign up for one of our three memberships, you receive one, two or unlimited free treatments per month.  

By purchasing a membership, you also receive additional treatments at a discount.  

AND – Botox is discounted to $10.99 per unit.

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