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Fat Reduction


There is nothing that can ruin a perfectly cut core like the love handles and belly fat that come with age. You may go to the gym every day only to find that there is a certain amount of fat that remains immobile.

You may practice a stringent facial exercise routine, only to find a second chin emerging beneath your mandible. A double chin can be genetic, and there may be no amount of facial exercises you can do to avoid it.

Fortunately, there is a way you can get rid of those stubborn fat cells without going on a radical diet or having surgery. Skin Body Soul in Coralville, IA can help you get rid of that extra bulk.

We have two easy and affordable options to reduce fat. When you try SculpSure, Kybella, or both, you will see that you can look better without a lot of downtime or expense.


With over 100,000 treatments performed, come see why clients choose Skin Body Soul Spa.

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The SculpSure process works by heating fat cells with laser lights to a temperature between 42 and 47 degrees Celsius. When fat cells get that hot, they become disrupted and damaged. Your body will absorb those fat cells over the course of several months.

Once those fat cells are destroyed, they will be gone for good. Even if you gain weight, you will not have to worry about those stubborn pockets of fat returning to your body.

When you visit our Coralville office, one of our clinicians will fit you for a plastic applicator frame. They will do this by marking off the areas of your body that need to be treated.

There are four plastic applicators that will hold the frame in place. The applicators will go over the area of your body that is being treated. For example, if you are getting fat removed from your lower abdomen, the applicators would go over your lower abdomen.

The clinician will take measures to avoid your navel during the procedure. They will then apply a numbing lotion.

Once you are situated in the frame, the clinician will attach the lasers applicators to your body, and when they are hot enough, the procedure will begin.

You will feel heat followed by blasts of cold. Although the combination of the laser treatment and being held in the frame may be uncomfortable, it should not really be painful.

You may feel something that feels similar to a stomach cramp. Women who have had the procedure have compared it to menstrual cramps.


You may have a bit of cramping for a couple of weeks after the procedure. It is important to massage the area that was treated for 15 minutes a day. In some cases, you may have a slight rash for a short period of time after treatment.

The vast majority of people will need two treatments before they see results. We offer many fabulous membership packages. They offer several treatments that will complement your svelte new figure while saving you money.


In some cases, the excess fat you have might be under your chin rather than on your core area. There is a SculpSure treatment for you as well.

When you have SculpSure for a double chin, you will wear a frame that looks like a helmet with laser applicators that will be placed over the area of your chin. The procedure will take about 25 minutes. Most people will have to have two treatments for maximum results.


A double chin can make a person feel old before their time. It can also make someone feel so self-conscious that they cannot think of anything else. A double chin is caused by an excess of loose fat due to aging or extra fat on a person who is overweight.

Kybella offers an alternative to surgery and laser treatments for people who have a double chin. It is a fast, non-invasive procedure with no downtime. It is a prescription medication that is simply injected into the area of the double chin.

Kybella is made of synthetic deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is a type of bile that breaks down fat in the intestines.


The nurse who gives you the shot will numb the area with cream before the procedure begins. A tiny needle will be used to make several injections of the medicine into your submental area. The process should take 15 to 20 minutes, and most people have two sessions.

If you exercise and eat right, then you deserve to feel great. Our trained and dedicated staff is waiting to help to make you look your best. Give us a call today.


If you don’t think you have the time for a cosmetic procedure, think again. CynoSure SculpSure employs heat from laser light to destroy fat cells around the area of your abdomen. The time commitment is nominal and so is the level of pain that you will experience.

CynoSure SculpSure is the perfect solution for people who simply do not have the time for a cosmetic procedure. This miraculous treatment can have you looking fit with no downtime.

If you have trouble with fat around your abdomen, this non-invasive treatment can eliminate fat cells for good.

You will not require anesthesia or even so much as a pain pill. When the procedure is done, you can go back to the office or even go to the gym.

The treatment can shape and sculpt the core of people of all skin types and body shapes, and it has a remarkable 90% approval rating with people who try it. There is only a nominal amount of discomfort during the procedure.

Members Get Free Treatments

Members Get Free Treatments

Our memberships are designed to give you a consistent and personalized regimen to attain your anti-aging and skin care goals.  

When you sign up for one of our three memberships, you receive one, two or unlimited free treatments per month.  

By purchasing a membership, you also receive additional treatments at a discount.  

AND – Botox is discounted to $11.99 per unit.

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